Saturday, July 9, 2016

Simcity game tips: Need firefighters when not have enough money

Howdy Simcity players, in this post i will share little tips when your city in condition not have enough money and need firefighters. This tips i called as one for many. So at least you need one small firefighters office in your city, any area of your city.

Guys, if you know, you can migrate your building in Simcity in at any area, so when a home call to need firefighters office, you just need migrate your only one firefighter office near the building which need it. Of course, you need a blank area around your building.

The challenge is in your city layout, how to build a blank space around your building. My tips, build a road around every building, and don't build more than two stack. It's will help you to move layout of a building and utilize the only one public facilities for all people in your city. Okay i hope this tips can help you, let's build again guys, and don't play every time, you have a real life.    


  1. My adult offspring spent many hours playing Simcity when they were younger. I am betting that they still do.
    Thanks for commenting on my site!

    1. You are welcome, Simcity is a game for any age. :D hihi