Sunday, July 10, 2016

Repair Rich Muller classic piano

The most problem of old classic piano is not sounds a tone when you push it. Beside it, old piano usually not back at the first position after you push it. This condition will make your piano tone not perfect, songs you play will incomplete.

It happen in my old Rich Muller classic piano, and i can self repair it less than five dollars.

To know where is your problem, first step you must open the machines of your piano. Open the framework of your piano first.

After you open your piano case, you must release the main machines. You can release it by open they key.
After you release the main machines, you must pay attention for part that look different than other, because there is the problem.
Usually the most problem is on the hook tape was disconnected, so no matter how hard you hit the keyboard you will not hear a tone. It it the problem, you just need a glue, i use glue gun, rubber bands, and scissors.
When you ready with that materials, you can cut and attach rubber bands using glue gun on the machines. After that, you must connect it.
Make sure that you attach like others. The position must be same.
And then make sure your rubber bands worked. Try to push your machines.
Okay done! Plug the main machines back to the normal. Now you can repair your Rich Muller classic piano less than five dollars guys, and play your piano perfectly.


  1. I have never looked inside the piano! Good job!

    1. There are a lot of string inside piano. :-D hihi