Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stratfor: United States Will Weakened in the next Decade

Cites, an intelligence agencies. explain the world in the decade ahead. Stratfor claimed that United States will weakened. tell that Rusia have nuclear weapons. If tension, United States will doing something. May seize control of nuclear.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Obama Refused to Apologize for the Decision to Bomb Hiroshima

Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe as quoted by said that he was impressed with Barack Obama, The American president's first visit to Hiroshima. This first time since Hiroshima was bombed in August, 6 1945.

But, in this chance, Obama refused to apologize. quoting NHK write that Obama says this accident in a war condition. Obama think, that bombing Hiroshima is a hard decision.

The Costliest Failures Space Mission

Business Insider (BI) write that this failure space mission is the costliest. Quoting NASA, BI tell that space shuttle mission spend at least $450 million average. And this explosion is the costliest.

44% Company in The World Will Not Increasing Oil and Gas Exploration

PwC survey about company exploration plan.

A recent survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) tell that in 3 years, many company will not increasing their oil or gas exploration. In Indonesia, a country which famous which have natural resource wealth only 20% company will increasing exploration. The rest, 61% will not,  and 19% have no answer.

From Bre-x, Sebungkah Emas di Kaki Pelangi, an investigative journalism report by Bondan Winarno explain that gold exploration requires hard work and capital which are not the least, with the possibility of failure is high. I think, oil and gas exploration have same condition.

Sometimes, anthropologist is more meaningful than geologists in exploration industries. Approach the community of oil panners cheaper than gambling with oil deposits. Company prefer to follow on deposits were discovered by accident.

But maybe I could be wrong, This may show the world trend toward renewable energy. No more exploration, for sustainable world.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Soeharto's Footsteps in 1968, Gasoline Prices Less Than a Cup of Coffee

"One liter gasoline prices are still much lower than the price of one cup coffee or pack of cigarettes," Soeharto, Indonesia's President said in 24 April 1968 as quoted from Jejak Langkah Pak Harto books. The statement come out simultaneously with Suharto policies raise the price of fuel. From Rp. 4,- to Rp. 16,-. He announced through Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI), an Indonesia's government TV Channel.

Many people claim that gasoline prices in Soeharto regime is cheap,  by comparing it with the current price.

Gasoline in my regime Rp. 700, now how much son?

Than, said that gasoline price in Soeharto regime in 1992 can't called cheap. Katadata claim it based on the gasoline price more expensive than crude oil. At that time, when premium Rp 550 dan solar Rp 300 each liters, world crude oil only US$ 17 -20 each barels, or equivalent with Rp 290 – Rp 350 each liters for Rp 1.995 –Rp 2.036 each dollars. Katadata even mention that calculation has not been associated with the production price.

In the reform era, Katadata said that gasoline price in Indonesia cheaper than world crude oil. This condition start from 2010 through 2013.

Comparison of fuel prices and crude oil prices in the reform era.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Joey Alexander, Grammy Youngest Nominee Doing Governor Challenge

Grammy youngest nominee, Joey Alexander answer the challenge for play kicir-kicir, a Jakarta traditional song. This challenge triggered by the governor of D.K.I. Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also called Ahok. In Joey concert in Sunday, 05/22/2016, kicir-kicir played with Jazz taste.

Airplane Crash Data Since 1908

This data showing airplane crash since 1908 provided by and visualizing by David Murphy. Only 27.1% can survive from airplane crash. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hope No More Airplane Crash Victims with Airplane Safety System

Day by day, we hear news about airplane crashed. Not many event human can survived from a plane crash. Mistakes can be a lesson, and maybe in the future can be avoided.

Many people believe that modular plane is an cool solution. Aircraft Cabin can be ejected before it crashed. Then, parachutes can make landing safety.

When you think that it's a new idea, you get wrong. In May 28 2003, Costica Nutu and Pavel Nutu filed for a patent Aircraft passenger safety module. Here is their design:

With US6761334 B1 patent number, since July 13 2014 this issue was published. But, when it can be applied? Today, is a pretty far for read news about airplane crashed victims.

EgyptAir 804 Plane Crash Found, Here Is the Pictures

Debris from Egypt Air 804 plane crash was found floating in the Mediterranean sea. Plane from Paris to Cairo with the flight number MS804 is lost contact on 19 May 2016.