Thursday, July 28, 2016

Imagine there’s no countries like John Lennon

Countries may bitterly, slowly began to lose confidence. Since 1971 tones of defiance against the country began to blow.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for

The tones of imagination was popularized by John Lennon, who was born in Liverpool were "on edge" with the term war. The song titled Imagine was born when America under the leadership of Richard Nixon was involved in the Vietnam war. War wrapped in ideology between communist North Vietnam and South Vietnam were Liberal.

January 27, 1973, two years after the tone of the imagination was sticking out, the Peace Agreement was signed. Since then, the Vietnam War was ending. "Let us now build a peace of reconciliation" Nixon said at the White House.

33 years later, the tone of the imagination not necessarily be minor. Jimmy Carter, a Democratic politician who later became the American president knows very well increasingly echoing the song. "My wife and I have visited about 125 countries, you hear John Lennon's song 'Imagine' used almost equally with national anthems," he said in 2006.

Its interpretation of two, ages awareness leads to peace, or imagination on their convenience without the state.

Examining the second interpretation is interesting to also look Nobodycorp poster. Internationale Unlimited with the words that appear most striking "Put Indonesia Society Occupation!". Followed by the words "Withdrawing from the Indonesian People Declare Position For Society," and "Society Break Not Be Blamed!" At the end of the poster.

Claimed back as society can deny the presence of an institution called the "State". Perhaps John Locke would be stunned to know that there is a rejection of the institution of the definition exists to protect property of every citizen. Solutions that can be felt was appropriate to protect individuals from war struggle for ownership. Enough with the regulations that governed the country, each individual safe with her, not to divide it equally.

If John Locke knows, maybe he will be echoed how big idea patron named state institutions rebuffed.

To digest what underlies the rejection of the state as the protector could have started from an anti-thesis, which is not protecting. Starting from doubting the country's ability to protect.

As in the case of conventional taxis and online taxi in Jakarta in March 2016. The taxi driver demanding closure conventional cab applications online, for allegedly crashing into Law Number 22 Year 2009 regarding Traffic and Road Transportation and Government Regulation No. 74 Year 2014, which requires that public transport legal entities and conduct periodic vehicle test. In addition, conventional taxi driver was no claim of its income plummeted to children dropping out of school since the rise of online taxi presence. Although the net profit earned one conventional cab company called Tempo reach 11 billion in the third quarter 2015.

The claim is imaged, the country that desire with the idea of ​​equal division of ownership, is still expected to attend to "protect". At least protect from entities not subject to the state to have something, even if not protected from the bourgeois class strangulation subject or subdue the country.

State, in the process, often built of "scream". There needs to be a victim, to be protection. Countries may stutter for a peek at the future, weak in intelligence, or practically unable to move beyond the consciousness of his era. Meanwhile, those who do not wish the country, find their own way to shelter, to have something. Then they do not understand what it means to the country if they are one step ahead.

Later, or maybe someday they would be branded anti-authoritarianism saxon, or even treason artisan. In fact, they are lagged step behind.

Society do not break, they even forget that they are society.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Get LoA (Letter of Acceptance) from Universitas Indonesia?

Universitas Indonesia don't publish letter of acceptance (LoA). I know that after send an email to from contact form at Here is their email.

Good afternoon,
Must known that we are not publish LoA. We only can publish print out of selection announcement with stamp and leader signature.
So if you want to get LoA, i think you can't get it until this article publish. But you can use the selection announcement from Universitas Indonesia which is equivalent with LoA. So if you want it, just contact new admission committee from contact form at For avoiding miss information, you should prefer to contact Universitas Indonesia for newest and official information.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Already painted the convoy bus for France and then lose

Maybe this is a bad day for France in EUROPE 2016. They spend their money for painting the bus for victory bus convoy. But, reality says another. Portugal successful wicket France for 1-0 in extra time. But this is a game and sport, there are winner and loser, and they are never give up in the next match.